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Hot Yoga Liverpool - Yoga Classes

Employees who feel valued and rewarded work better and with more energy.

Offering your employees a Yoga Hub membership not only keeps them fit and focused, but helps your business to run at peak performance. You will notice:

  • Fewer staff sick days and lower health care costs
  • Improved morale, greater self-esteem and lower stress levels
  • Greater concentration and work focus
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Greater staff retention

    Companies of any size can make an affordable investment in the health of their employees and, lately, many do.

    With Yoga Hub as your workplace wellness partner, you can implement the program that is best suited for you.

    Complete Wellness with Corporate Contributions

    This option is for the organisation that truly wants to invest in the health and well-being of their team with fully-paid Yoga Hub memberships.

    Corporate Coordinator

    Yoga Hub works with your company representative to organise discounted memberships structured to meet the needs of your staff. This program incentivises participation through partially reimbursed or subsidised Yoga Hub memberships based on monthly usage.

    Hot Yoga Liverpool - Yoga Classes

    Private tuition

    Private tuition is available in our Liverpool city centre, purpose built studios on Old Hall Street. Private tuition will ensure that the practice for your session is tailor-made to suit your requirements. We recommend a consultation to discuss your specific goals and help design a practice that will suit your requirements.

    Private tuition is designed to meet your individual needs. In a private session, it is possible to work at a deeper and more individual level than in the context of a group class.  It is an ideal way to deepen an existing yoga practice, start a new practice in a gentle and personalized way or for those who might have specific requirements whether they are health related or geared more towards improving performance.

    Yoga at work

    Here at Yoga Hub we cater for groups and will visit your office to have a yoga class at work.  You just need a space that can accommodate your group size. An increasingly popular choice for companies is Chair Yoga which has proven to be highly effective and requires the employee and their chair. In this way employees can use the skills they learn in the class to improve their posture and state of mind throughout the day.

    Yoga at work enables you to have a class at the time that suits you, without having to spend time getting to a dedicated yoga venue. One can focus on specific themes, as for example relaxation, core strengthening, back pain, or any other themes that you have in mind, or leave it open.

    Stress Management Workshops and Training

    • These workshops are designed for all staff
    • These sessions come as full day, half day or 1 hour options
    • The workshops educate staff with a variety of techniques to better equip them to cope with stress. We will work with you to create a bespoke training programme to meet the specific needs of your organisation
    • Designed to empower you to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress.
    • These techniques relax stressed individuals by helping to relax and rebalance the body and mind. Once learned they can be applied in any type of work environment, or even on the train going to work!
    • We can engineer our workshops to meet any outcome or budget – and we can provide all hand-out materials and on-going email support after the workshop.

    Step 1

    Contact us

    For a personal consultation about implementing a corporate wellness program at your workplace, simply contact us to discuss your needs. It will only take a moment for you to submit your company information and there is no obligation. Once we receive your information, you will promptly receive a choice of options to suit your companies needs.

    Step 2

    Create a program

    Working with Yoga Hub, your company will create a program that helps your employees accomplish their goals and objectives.

    Step 3

    Promote the program

    Promoting your wellness program is important, both to make employees aware of the program and to motivate them to participate. Yoga Hub will assist you with your promotion efforts, including custom-designed posters and flyers, to help you spread the word to your staff. We will also conduct studio tours and answer any questions your employees may have.

    Step 4

    Offer incentives

    Most people want to be more active, but they lack the motivation to do so. Incentive programs can make all the difference.

    That’s it! You are on your way to promoting a healthy workplace. At Yoga Hub, we look forward to helping you achieve wellness at your company.