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Hot Yoga Liverpool - Yoga Studio with Classes

We have a number of different treatments to help you take a break from it all.
We adjust the treatments to suit YOUR needs.

Please book online via either of the links:

Why not add a private sauna session for only £30.
Ask your therapist or message 07904639599 to book.


One of our most popular treatments, using essential oils blended to balance, relax the mind, body and spirit, we offer a half hour or one hour sessions that include a facial massage.

Sports Massage

This treatment can be used either before or after a sports event or as an on-going part of your fitness training, aromatherapy oils to help eliminate lactic acid etc. can be used.

Indian Head Massage

Seated massage working on the upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp, hair and face – very relaxing, good for headaches, stress, eye strain, sleep problems and sinus congestion.

Hot Stone Massage

Pre-heated basalt stones placed along your body while the therapist uses palm stones to massage deep heat to help ease and relax your muscles, aromatherapy oils can also be used in this treatment.

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai over-clothes no oils used, pressure points and stretching leaving you relaxed and energised.

Buddy Room

Why not spend time with a friend or partner and have a massage together in our buddy room?

Deep Lymphatic Massage

Helps to boost sluggish circulation and a good way to kick start your fitness regime.